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Will He Love Me Forever?
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"I believe your authentic desinty is to LOVE. And to BE Loved. There is one perfect partner in the world for each of us. Your KARMA demands that you find them. Sadly.....most never will. The Question is.....will YOU? " ~

Astrology for LOVE? How A Love Psychic Saved My Life! (100% REAL Confession)

Can a love psychic reading REALLY change your life?

Before i could even bring up a topic that was on my mind Coffee brought it up for me. I was blown away. Truly gifted. One of my favorites. She's on target and straight to the point. She is scary accurate.
ana p., Wed Oct 21

Impressive! In june Aurora had describe a past positive friend coming back into my life around end/june, beginning of july. On US day, july 4th, he txt me out of nowhere and since then we've been talking 2-3 times a week. She also knew about both my financial issues and work issue without me saying anything except "I'm feeling so-so". Also each time I call her, not only she confirms what she said previously,but more details comes out!

Great job Aurora!

All I can say is WOW!, WOW!, WOW!. My regular, long time psychic is rated as a top ten in her country - she is overseas. Many psychics have said similiar things as her, but wasn't able to pick up the details she has given me. Guess what, Kya did and I was floored. I would highly recommend Kya. I am still in awe!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Lani predicted something down to the day and I was a little skeptical because I called 3/15 and she said THREE days something would happen and IT DID. YES! YES! YES! I'd have to admit, when Lani said 3 days, I didn't believe her but YES! YES! YES!
Angela, Tue Jul 7

Can your astrological chart, or love horoscope, provide such insightful, enlightening and transformative information that it TRULY changes the trajectory of how you live your life? And can the insights you glean from a legitimate emotional intuitive be SO powerful, hold so much truth......that your can almost begin anew thereafter? In this short article I'm going to share a little piece of my OWN story, and how a love horoscope, done by a telephone intuitive I have still yet to meet....... andover a decade ago permanently altered the course of my life. and the life of my fiancee at the time. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

It started with a SIMPLE astrological chart pulled for LOVE compatibility (between for myself and my previous partner)

It started pretty UN-impressively to be honest. Neither of us were big believers in this stuff....and we sort of went in on a lark. The initial information that was coming through was pretty generic.....and pretty much could applied to lots of people. I was skeptical.....but open minded, as I did NOT want to be a paranormal party pooper..:-)

About halfway through....the information started to get super specific, very personal......and AMAZINGLY intuitive. It went from stuff that seemingly could have applied to any young couple, and started to sound eerily ACCURATE and "on" for she and I. It then got more specific to me.......and increasingly uncomfortable as it sounded like my life history up to that point was literally being played in some sort of weird slideshow in front of the readers eyes.

Past relationship failures. My deepest fears about intimacy and abandonment.

What I REALLY was looking for....and why I hadn't found it. As he went on and on......he named specific events, with names that were 100% accurate, and impossible for him to have known.....without some sort of major investigative work up front. (even my fiancee at the time didn't know about much of this....ruling out the unlikely event that she could have been playing a trick. She didn't even know his NAME, location or contact info..... as the reading was a gift from MY family to us, as part of a vacation package)

Before too long, he turned his attention to her, and the same information came pouring through. Personal issues, compatibility challenges in prior relationships and problems in OUR relationship began to crystalize and accumulate as he went through the charts like a manic magician.....almost seemingly reading the tea leaves of our lives in one fell swoop.

I could go on....but I won't. We walked out the reading, both incredibly impressed.....but deeply shaken. He smiled at us before we left and said - "you are in love, but aren't meant for one another - but you knew that already."

The truth was - he was RIGHT. We had been together for what felt like a lifetime.....but it was the WRONG relationship, at the wrong time of our lives, and the best we had to offer each other had long passed.

Before this sounds like a SAD story.......

The "perfect" mate that he had described for each of us, even metaphorically and symbolically, both of usus KNEW we already had in our lives. One a co-worker (hers) and mine, a childhood best friend who I had always loved.....yet never pursued after a brief 4th grade fling..:-) When our relationship ended - not even 4 weeks after this reading, she began to date this man. First for comfort - and then later, as best friends and husband and wife! (as they remain today!)

As for me - as I write this I watch as MY best friend and lover stares at me quizzically...wondering what I'm writing about, having no idea it's about the story of how we met again, and the love horoscope reading that changed my life forever!

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