"12 Questions to Ask a Professional Psychic Right NOW
(And the Simple Secret to Preparing For a Reading)"

Getting a Psychic reading? Have a big life decision coming up and not sure what to do?Or, maybe you are curious about exploring a psychic reading, and have absolutely NO idea what to ask? Or maybe you are desperate to visit or call a psychic, medium or clairvoyant for immediate spiritual guidance.. but are putting it off because you don't know what to say? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the kind of questions EVERY psychic should be able to answer, and the sort of stuff you can write down right NOW, to get the answers you deserve. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we list 12 of the common questions people ask when calling a professional clairvoyant, and the simple secret to making the MOST of your next psychic experience as well!

1. What can you tell me about my finances? I have a really big transaction coming up that's making me nervous. Will it be a GOOD move or a financial disaster?

2. What is my TRUE life purpose? What is my authentic calling? Do I have one? If so... Do you feel I am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing with my life? If not... what do you SEE is my TRUE KARMIC calling & how, where or when will I find it?

3. How can I improve my relationships? I keep repeating the same basic mistakes over and over again. Is this my karma? And if so... how do I break the cycle of problematic patterns with friends, family and loved ones?

4.Have I met my soulmate yet? Is the person in my life right NOW the right one? Or, do I have multiple soul mates and spiritual partners? If so... are they in my life NOW, or do I still need to find them?

5. Am I psychic? How can I improve my OWN intuition and psychic sensitivity? I often feel, see or sense things that later come true. Is this something I can develop... or do you need to be born with it, instead?

6. What kind of career moves do you think would be best for me going forward? Should I stay on the comfortable path I'm on now... or shake things up a bit and take a chance?

7. Is my partner happy with me? I sometimes sense that he's not as happy with me, as I am with them. If this is true, how do I fix it BEFORE he goes away?

8. What do you see in terms of my health and physical well being? Am I doing the right things for my body, and if not... what and where do I need to improve?

9. Speaking of health... how about the wellness of my family and close friends? Is there anyone that you see a dark cloud over, or danger looming? If yes... what should I say to help them avoid a crisis, before it's too late?

10. How important is my faith or religious belief to living life the right way? Do you believe that one needs to go to Church to be spiritual? What other ways can I practice my faith in a way that allows me to grow?

11. Do you see or sense any friends of family in spirit close to me? If yes... who are they, and what do they say?

12. Do I have an aura, or energy that you can see? Can you describe it and how does my aura correspond with my personality, or my place in life right now? Will it change as I change?

Of course this is just the very tip of the iceberg. The truth is, there are MANY, many more good questions you can ask, but this little cheat sheet will certainly get you started.

Remember, the BIG secret to getting a great psychic reading is to relax, enjoy yourself and write down what you want to know BEFORE you call. And have fun with it! A good psychic reading is supposed to be informative, inspiring, entertaining, enlightening and ENJOYABLE.

Finally.....LIGHTEN UP and enjoy yourself! Too many people get stressed or tensed before speaking to a psychic and the truth is, a professional reader ONLY wants to help you make the right decisions for YOUR future, your finances, and your focus....and make sure you get BACK on track and living a life you LOVE!

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