7 Secrets to Getting the Most out of Your Psychic Reading

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7 Ways to Prepare for Calling a Psychic

The following 7 tips are a simple and easy to understand guide for getting the most out of your first (or next!) psychic reading or spiritual advice session. A good psychic reading SHOULD be fun, engaging, inspiring, entertaining and quite often...even LIFE changing. Knowing what to ask, what NOT to ask and the best way to connect with a psychic community that is right for YOUR needs is paramount to the process.

The simple 7 steps below are short and sweet and will help give you a gentle nudge in the direction of your destiny if you have arrived here looking to find some illuminating answers to what the Universe wants you to know about your future, before it's too late!

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All Psychics are NOT Created Equal

NOT all "psychics" do the same thing. Understanding the type of reading you need is a critical component for understanding the type of psychic you ought to speak with.

There are HUGE differences and variations in psychic skill and knowing your desired outcome when it comes to the sort of information you seek is the very FIRST step in finding the ideal reader for you. Read more about the types of psychics.


Preparation is KEY.

Writing down your questions, and having a specific sense of what you'd like to discuss is imperative for optimizing your experience with ANY type of psychic or spiritual advisor. I can't tell you how many times I've watched people patiently wait to get a future reading on an important life issue or challenge, and then FORGET to ask 2 or 3 questions that would have provided the answers they MOST wanted to know.

Having a short list of handwritten questions in front of you is a GREAT way of ensuring that you get the most out of your psychic session, and is ALSO a great way of keeping the reading ferociously focused on the life issues that are MOST important to YOU!

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Phone Based Readings are USUALLY a Win/Win for Everyone

The telephone is not only a GREAT way to get spiritual advice, it's actually the BEST way to prevent cheating as well.

Contrary to the psychic stereotypes that suggest phone readers are NOT as good as those who read face to face, most serious scientific study of psychic abilities will ONLY use readers who work "blind". (no face to face or physical contact, or even close proximity between sitter and psychic)

Learn how simple it is to get a Psychic Reading By Phone


Beware of Psychic scams!

Anything that advertises "100% free readings" is doomed to disappoint, and more often than not, is going to be a bait and switch style service that you want to avoid.

WARNING: There are NO legitimate services that offer "100% Free Readings" without a Catch

Why? It's basic math....and not mediumship! If a psychic or spiritual service is spending good money to advertise their readings, they simply can't possibly afford to offer 100% free readings to the public thereafter. If they are promising they do.....the best advice we can give you is, buyer beware!

You are MUCH better off setting aside a small budget of 10, 20 or even 30 dollars and calling a legitimate, honest and 100% guaranteed psychic service that not only offers affordable readings, but stands behind each and every call as well. Learn more about the Psychic Source guarantee. <>


Do Your Due Dilligence

If you are hiring a psychic network, look for services that offer reasonable and affordable rates that you can afford, offer top notch customer service, money back guarantees and have a track record of success that can be measured by client and caller testimonials and favorable reviews.

Good Psychics Have FANS, friends and Followers

Read reviews and see what other people say about THEIR experience before you blow your budget on an unknown. Remember, good psychics have FANS and if a reader is good, you should have no problem finding folks who will step forward to share their appreciation and their positive experience.

Most psychic networks will publish the ratings, reviews and experiences of other customers, clients and callers, and in 98% of the cases....you can trust that what they are sharing is true.
(it's actually a crime to "make up" a fake review...and very few psychic services would take such a silly risk learn more about psychic reviews.


Connect with a Clairvoyant Community

If calling an individual psychic or medium who works independently, look for the same things as above, but also try to find folks who have lots of social media fans, friends and followers, and who are actively engaged in the "business" of spiritual service.

By this I mean, in my own experience, readers who are involved in the spiritual community on a full time basis, either locally or online, are MUCH more likely to be the "real deal", rather than folks who may do "psychic readings" as a part time gig, or every once in a while.

Good psychics are part of a larger spiritual community

Remember, many GENUINE psychics are also published authors, talk show hosts, speakers, life coaches, workshop organizers and in general, are very active and well known for their contributions to the spiritual community.


Have FUN with It!

Lastly, ENJOY yourself! Too many people take psychic readings far too seriously.

If there is one thing I have learned from my own 20 years of experience with this work, it's that life is meant to be embraced for the adventure it is... and a good reading will reassure you that not only is it all the noise and nonsense JUST "small stuff", at the end of the day, we're all on a magical mission MUCH bigger than our bodies, and much longer than our short time here can possibly reveal.

Embrace the Magic and the Mystery of an Exciting Experience

So revel in the fun... and remember that no matter how "serious" something may sound, it's all just a small piece of the puzzle that is YOU:-)

A No "Stress" Phone Reading SHOULD be Fun!

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